Abreption Announces 2015 Partnership With Vulsini

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Expert Leather Bag Manufacturer Announces 2015 Partnership With Vulsini, Specialists In Hot Stone Equipment

Renowned quality leather manufacturing company design and re-create the popular Vulsini heated bags used for hot stones and warm bamboo treatments.. made in England and in leather!

Lincolnshire, UK, Monday 18th January 2015 – QUALITY English leather bag manufacturer ‘Abreption’ have announced their latest news of a partnership with therapy specialists ‘Vulsini’, in order to design and re-create the popular Vulsini range of heated Massage bags, long-lasting and classy. Both companies see the range as a first for the fact that they fuse style with a product which is exceptionally fit for purpose.

The first of Abreption’s creations to be released for Vulsini are ‘hot stone therapy’ bags, which offer the safe and correct transportation of hot stones, for the mobile therapist. What’s unique about the bags is that the stones are transported in dry-heat, without needing any water. This makes the bags easier to carry and far less bulky than others on the market.

Every therapist knows that their appearance is vital to the trust and recognition they gain from a client. It is essential in this industry to pay great attention to detail from having cleanly manicured nails, to perfectly pressed tunics. What Abreption are offering Vulsini is a high-quality, chic-looking bag which finishes off the look of a salon expert.

Therapy specialists ‘Vulsini’ have added their specific product knowledge to Abreption’s beautiful design and quality craftsmanship to produce an exception high-end English leather product. It is Abreption’s approach to their product design which makes this new range possible, as each of their bags are hand stitched to bespoke specifications.

Abreption stated “Made in England, each item is and finished by hand, with many being completely hand stitched. As a result all of our products are as individual as the makers and the people that use them.”

Abreption, along with Vulsini, are due to release their new range of hot stone therapy bags during the beginning of 2015, ready for the New Year’s resolution rush. They are looking forward to releasing other designs later in the year.


Abreption are a small, Lincolnshire company employing leather experts from the local area. They pride themselves on their bespoke designs and hand crafted products, made from English leather. To find out more about the company or to look specifically at their new hot stone bag range, visit their website at the address below. In addition to this, find information about the bags at



Telephone: 0044 1476 569020

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